Coordinating Decommission of a Datacenter

When coordinating a data center decommissioning project, there are many factors to consider and roles to assign. Will your used equipment be sold or recycled? Who will manage the vendors and contractors involved? How will the space be restored when the process is completed? With so many different factors to consider, having a team of […]

Major Power Outages in the US and what to take from them

Power outages can cause billions of dollars of damage and downtime to businesses nationwide when proper systems are not in place to mitigate the loss of power. In 2020, there were three major power outage events recorded. Each of these events affected at a minimum of 1.5 million electricity users. Let’s explore what the biggest […]

Top UPS Support Issues

As experts in the Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) industry, here at CI Group we have seen our fair share of UPS support issues. Learn more about these common issues and how your business can avoid them to prevent damage and downtime.   Issue #1: There is nobody onsite qualified to address a UPS problem   […]

How To Easily Replace Your Facility’s UPS System

Upgrading, changing, or replacing your facility’s Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. As experts in the industry, we’ve got some tips to share to help make your UPS replacement experience a successful one!     Tip #1: Plan Ahead Arm yourself with knowledge when you are planning to replace your […]

Nursing Homes & Back up power: Why It’s Crucial to Have

Some facilities cannot go without power because lives depend on it. Nursing care centers are home to senior citizens whose care requires constant, uninterrupted electrical power. These types of facilities need reliable power and it is essential to have a strong emergency back-up power system in place to keep those life saving systems working properly. […]

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