Top UPS Support Issues

As experts in the Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) industry, here at CI Group we have seen our fair share of UPS support issues. Learn more about these common issues and how your business can avoid them to prevent damage and downtime.

CI Group UPS system

Issue #1: There is nobody onsite qualified to address a UPS problem

Frequently, businesses do not have staffing capacity to hire a full time tech to service and maintain their UPS onsite. That means, when a problem arises, nobody is available to address the issue. This can result in added damage, downtime, or data loss. Not good!

Solution: Make sure your UPS provider offers superior support and service to your system. At CI Group, we have access to the Manufacturers Technicians as well as some of the best 3rd Party Technicians in the country. So even if we are not in the same area we can get a technician out to your site right away. For large quantities of small single phase UPS systems we suggest taking advantage of our  UPS ADVANCE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM. That will help keep all your smaller systems operational with minimal down time.

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Issue #2: Your UPS is not ready to scale up when you need it to

Facility upgrades, disaster recovery, growth in workload: these are a few of the reasons you may need to rapidly upgrade your current UPS solutions. When your UPS is not ready to scale when you are, this can negatively impact your business continuity.

Solution: Seek rental and scalable short-term UPS options until your facility is ready to restructure the power system in a more permanent fashion. We offer a range of UPS rental options to keep your business moving and growing! Another possible solution, trade in your smaller UPS system for credit towards a larger refurbished UPS system. This saves Time and Money.

Issue #3: Your batteries are end of life and downtime is not an option.

VRLA UPS battery life expectancy ratings can be tricky. Manufacturers may say 7 or even 10 years but the actual life expectancy of a VRLA UPS battery is really about 5 years and may even be less depending on how many times it has been discharged and charged back up again. What do you do when you are approaching the 5-year mark?

Solution: Avoid costly battery replacement charges by ordering batteries from CI Group and allowing us to affect the replacement. CI Group buys UPS batteries all of the time and we extend our buying power discounts to our customers. Don’t call the manufacturer as they tend to be much more costly for the same battery that we can supply.

CI Group UPS System & UPS Rack

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Keep your business powered properly and make a plan to avoid these top UPS support issues. As leaders in critical infrastructure, we at CI Group are ready to make sure your facilities stay up and running so you can get on with business.

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