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Looking to sell your UPS system? At CI Group, we specialize in evaluating and purchasing UPS systems, offering competitive prices based on the system’s age and condition. Our focus is on creating value for both sellers and buyers, ensuring you get a fair deal while helping others access cost-effective solutions. We accept a wide range of UPS systems from various manufacturers, particularly those less than 7 years old. We have a keen interest in certain older models from Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and some Eaton systems. However, we usually pass on older legacy systems due to their inefficiency. Our service includes refurbishing viable UPS systems, freeing you from the hassle of storage.

Sell us your UPS SystemNo matter if you originally purchased your UPS system from us, want to sell a UPS system, or are searching for a partnership to do business and build a relationship, you can trust us for all of your UPS needs. If you sell your UPS system to us, and then need to buy one later down the line, you know you can come to us because we offer refurbished, high-quality UPS systems at fair prices.

Nobody wants to go home with a UPS system that breaks immediately or doesn’t work properly, which is why when you buy a UPS system from CI Group you have the peace of mind that you are purchasing a properly restored, quality product with a 30 day guarantee! 

We consistently outperform our competitors in both service and pricing contact us today!

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