Nursing Homes & Back-up power: Why It’s Crucial to Have

Some facilities cannot go without power because lives depend on it. Nursing care centers are home to senior citizens whose care requires constant, uninterrupted electrical power. These types of facilities need reliable power and it is essential to have a strong emergency back-up power system in place to keep those life saving systems working properly. At CI Group, we are honored to be trusted by assisted living centers, nursing care residences, and senior care clinics across the country to provide power when it’s needed most.

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In the event of a power outage, emergency diesel generators kick on and take over at these senior care centers. CI Group installs, services, and maintains the diesel generators and critical infrastructure equipment required to keep the power on. Our team of experts will work with your facility to develop the best back up power system and diesel generator system for your unique needs. Some of the equipment we can utilize to keep your facility online includes:

Natural Gas or Diesel Generators For Nursing Homes

Whether you wish to buy new or used back up generators, our specialists have you covered. Critical Infrastructure Group can provide a dependable used natural gas or diesel generator that can serve as a more cost-effective alternative to new equipment. We also sell new generators and offer maintenance and service of natural gas and diesel generators across the country. Call us for any back up generator needs.

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) For Nursing Homes

An Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) helps insure your critical infrastructure stays online while additional backup generators kick on and transfer the load. We can help you find the right UPS system that will deliver the power needed to your facility. We have a large inventory of new, used, and refurbished UPS Systems in stock ready to ship. Our team of experts will help you determine the best UPS fit for your facility.

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) For Senior Care Facilities

When the power goes out at a senior care facility, the right backup systems need to come online in the right sequence. That’s where an ATS comes in handy. At CI Group, when we plan a backup power system for your facility, we make sure that the correct components are in place, like ATS if needed, so that your system will transfer the load seamlessly and the load is never dropped.

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HVAC for Medical Data

Medical facilities rely on technology to support their operations and for the most part they have to store their data on site. When the power is out, those servers and other critical data environments need to continue to operate within their ideal working climate. Loss of climate control in a tech environment can damage expensive computer infrastructure equipment. Having backup power arrangements for your data center HVAC system is key to ensuring all the systems within your data center stay online and stay functional during a power outage.

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The team at CI Group prides itself on helping critical facilities such as senior nursing care centers maintain power to their life-saving equipment in the event of a power outage. Reach out to learn more about how we can help supply the back-up power your facility needs.

Looking for new or used backup power systems? Order from CI Group today!

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