Major Power Outages in the US and what to take from them

Power outages can cause billions of dollars of damage and downtime to businesses nationwide when proper systems are not in place to mitigate the loss of power. In 2020, there were three major power outage events recorded. Each of these events affected at a minimum of 1.5 million electricity users. Let’s explore what the biggest power outages of 2020 were.

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Major U.S. Power Outages To Know About

April 2020 Major Storm Event

Event Length: April 12th 2020 – April 14th 2020

Power Recovery Length: April 14th 2020 – April 17th 2020

This storm swept the Eastern Coast and Gulf Coast of the US and caused widespread power outages through North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Alabama. An estimated 4,300,000 customers were affected by power outages during the April 2020 Storm Event. The recovery length for this outage was three days.

Hurricane Isaias

Event Length: August 3rd 2020 – August 5th 2020

Recover Length: August 5th 2020 – August 10th 2020

Hurricanes often cause extreme power loss, and Hurricane Isaias in August of 2020 is no exception. This hurricane system affected 6,400,000 customers who lost their electric service during the event. Most of the outages were focused on New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania on the Eastern Seaboard. It is estimated that a total of 13,870,000 people were affected by the service interruptions through the course of the outage.

2020 Derecho Event

Event Length: August 10th 2020 – August 11th 2020

Power Recovery Length: August 11th 2020 – August 17th 2020

The 2020 Derecho Event took electrical power out across the Midwestern United States. Most of the outages were focused in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana. The Derecho affected an estimated 1,900,000 electrical power customers. This event had the lengthiest power recovery time of the three major power interruptions of 2020, with a total of six days until most consumers were back with power.

Other events took place in 2020 that resulted in large power losses as well: from wildfires to winter storms, weather can be a huge disruptor of electrical power service across the nation.

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Protect Your Business From Power Outages

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