When Does A UPS Rental Make Sense?

Business continuity is of utmost importance now when businesses depend on technology to maintain daily operations and workflow. Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs) are the power source of choice when instant hold over power is needed to keep sensitive electronic systems operational.

There are many applications where a UPS is needed, but not all of those applications require the outright purchase of UPS equipment. UPS rentals can be an effective way to scale systems and ensure downtime is avoided. 

UPS rentals

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When Does Renting A UPS Make Sense?

When you are undergoing facility upgrades.

When you are upgrading your legacy UPS systems there is a need to maintain “business continuity“ during this process. A UPS Rental System can provide the secure, reliable power needed during a systems upgrade.

When you need to make use of OPEX funds vs CAPEX funds.

In some cases, capital budgets are not available but the project needs to come online, renting a UPS System using OPEX funds until such time as CAPEX becomes available is a great option.

CI Group UPS rental

In the case of special projects and events.

Some projects are of short duration making the purchase of a UPS System not viable. This is a situation in which you could rent a UPS System for days or months at a time in order to satisfy your project’s timeline. Here at CI Group, we have provided UPS Systems for a variety of special events: anything from sporting events (football, basketball, baseball, golf) to political events (inaugurations, debates, conferences), and everything in between can benefit from the added power supply support of a rental UPS System. 

During disaster recovery.

When your existing UPS fails and cannot be repaired in a timely manner, renting a UPS to provide protection during that repair or replacement is key to mitigating data loss and costly downtime. It also allows you to consider and evaluate your UPS System purchasing options without pressure.

CI Group self-contained outdoor UPS rental

Looking for high-quality new or used UPS systems? Order from CI Group today!

CI Group offers a range of UPS rental solutions tailored to suit the exact needs of your operation. Our team of experts can develop a custom rental plan that will keep your business connected, protected, and moving forward.

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