Coordinating Decommission of a Datacenter

When coordinating a data center decommissioning project, there are many factors to consider and roles to assign. Will your used equipment be sold or recycled? Who will manage the vendors and contractors involved? How will the space be restored when the process is completed? With so many different factors to consider, having a team of professionals to guide the process can end up saving you time and money on your infrastructure removal project.


CI Group UPS system & generator


CI Group Helps You Through The Process


At CI Group, coordinating turnkey data center decommissioning projects is something our team of specialists is well equipped to handle. We manage every aspect of your building’s decommissioning project and are able to remove your data center infrastructure equipment and return the space to your exact specified state in the most efficient and cost-effective method possible.


To begin, knowing whether to recycle or decommission critical data center equipment will help you in your decision-making process. CI Group provides a feasibility study to our clients to aid in this process. The feasibility study examines value analysis, disposal costs, and recovered value of the equipment present on site. Armed with this knowledge, strong decisions can be made in relation to what should be done with the infrastructure equipment.


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Working with multiple vendors and knowing who to trust for various parts of the data center decommissioning process can be complicated. When you partner with CI Group for your project, we handle all the vendor coordination and contractor management. We are buying the generators, UPS systems, and other power equipment for our own inventory so we can guarantee top dollar on any re-saleable assets. Our specialists work with other industry experts to make sure your space is restored to your exact specifications when the project is completed.


We Buy, Shut Down, And Remove Generators And UPS Systems


For your data center facility decommissioning project, CI Group can purchase, shut down, and remove your generators and UPS Systems. We also handle UPS battery removal and recycling, refrigerant reclamation, fire suppression reclamation, and other hazardous waste disposal. We will handle the disconnection and removal of electrical switchgear, panel boards, dry type transformers, and breaker safe offs. To get your space restored, we can remove raised flooring, CRAC units, PDUs, network and fiber cable, and server racks. CI Group can even oversee the complete demolition of walls and ceilings, as well as clean the facility when the project is completed.


CI Group recycled UPS system



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We are your one stop shop of turnkey data center infrastructure decommissioning projects. CI Group is ready to help you remove infrastructure, sell or recycle used equipment, and restore your site to its original, usable state. Contact us to discuss your project today!


Looking to buy or rent critical infrastructure equipment? Work with CI Group today!

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