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Comprehensive Infrastructure Solutions

Critical Infrastructure Group (CI Group) offers a comprehensive range of services, including asset recovery, data center decommissioning, and power maintenance services. We specialize in turnkey infrastructure projects, handling everything from the purchase and removal of used infrastructure equipment to decommissioning and recycling of data center equipment. Additionally, we provide advanced replacement services for UPS systems and manage all aspects of power maintenance, including generators, battery services, electrical switchgear, and automatic transfer switches.

Asset Recovery

Critical Infrastructure Group (CI Group) can handle all the aspects of your asset recovery. We will purchase and remove all of your used Critical infrastructure Equipment in one easy transaction. Because we refurbish and resell the equipment ourselves. CI Group can pay you the highest returns on your infrastructure equipment.

Services Asset Recovery

Data Center De-Commissioning

CI Group specializes in turnkey infrastructure projects, including data center decommissioning and equipment recycling. We manage every aspect of your building decommissioning. We're able to remove equipment from your data center and return the space to exactly as you specify in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Services Data Center Decommissioning

Power Maintenance Services

Services Power Maintenance Services

UPS Advance Replacement

One of the challenges is managing multiple sites with small UPS Systems - typically there is no one on site to address when there is a problem - to this end we have developed a program to make replacing and servicing a snap.

Services UPS Advance Replacement
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