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When decommissioning a data center, the key factors to consider are: safety, security, time, and cost.

Your data center infrastructure equipment is a valuable asset. After your IT infrastructure systems are removed, there must be plans in place to professionally decommission your infrastructure equipment. This includes your back up generators, Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), power distribution (PDU) equipment, server racks and cabinets, raised flooring and data center HVAC systems.

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A major part of any project planning is deciding how to proceed with a data center decommissioning project. Once your IT Assets are displaced, that is where we come in. CI Group is the one stop shop for removing all the infrastructure; including the purchase of all the infrastructure, removal, and restoring the building back to its original condition.

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What To Consider With A Data Center Decommission

The coordination efforts that go into a full data center decommission are extensive. Often, multiple teams are needed to safely remove equipment, transport the old infrastructure, and restore the space to its original usable format. When you are planning a data center decommission, having one contractor that handles all the other vendors can be the difference between a successful, low-stress experience and a time consuming or painful process.

As for the cost of your project, making sure that your budget is respected is key to making sure your project goes according to plan. When discussing your project needs with a potential contractor, be sure to ask how much your infrastructure assets are worth, if there will be any recycling or removal fees, transport fees, and room restoration costs. Having those costs discussed up front will give you a better idea of the cost and scope of your decommissioning process.

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What Should You Do With Used Infrastructure Equipment?

Another big question: what should be done with your used infrastructure equipment? The decision to recycle or decommission critical data center equipment is a highly important one. You should ask any potential contractors to provide you with a feasibility study to review a value analysis, recovered value, and disposal costs. Often there is value in UPS systems, generators, and other power or data center infrastructure  equipment that may or may not be used by the next tenant or may not even be factored into a building sale price when exiting completely. When working with CI Group, we discuss the value in these systems. This will enable you to make the best decision for your project, budget, and needs, and help make sure you don’t miss out on additional value that may be in your facility.

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Dismantling your datacenter infrastructure system does not have to be a painful process. At CI Group, we handle it all. We are your one stop shop for your data center decommissioning project. Our team of experts coordinates every aspect of the project: from the decommissioning/recycling feasibility study to managing the various vendors and contractors involved, to removing your infrastructure and making sure your site decommission project is handled with care and returned back to its normal, usable state after the project is completed.

CI Group’s team of decommissioning experts is prepared to make this process easy, timely, and cost effective for your business. Our team of specialists follows strict data center decommissioning standards and procedures. If IT assets are present we can help ensure data is protected and/or destroyed depending on the needs of the project. You can rest easy with CI Group leading the way on your data infrastructure decommissioning project.

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Reach out to learn more about our turnkey data center decommissioning services. We are ready to tackle your unique needs!

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