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HVAC Precision Cooling Protects Your Business’ Tech Environments

Computer Rooms, Data Centers, Server Farms, and other valuable technology need an optimal cooling system to run efficiently. CI Group offers the very best in HVAC Precision Cooling. Cooling these sensitive technology systems is essential for performance and longevity.

Optimal temperature and humidity levels need to be maintained to maximize technology performance. When these conditions aren’t met, the equipment can fail and create costly downtime. Our HVAC systems monitor the IT room’s temperature, air distribution, and humidity to maximize performance.

CI Group offers a variety of HVAC systems from the trusted Liebert brand:

Our HVAC systems come in a variety of sizes to meet the different needs of your IT infrastructure. These systems rate between 5 Ton – 30 Ton.

Call us today to discuss which HVAC solution is right your business: 877-885-9208

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HVAC Precision Cooling Systems are a Cost-Effective, Sensible Cooling Alternative to Traditional Comfort Cooling Systems

Because HVAC Precision Cooling systems operate differently than comfort cooling systems, they are more efficient and cost-saving when it comes to cooling sensitive technology.


HVAC Precision Cooling Systems Lower Your Cooling Electricity Costs

HVAC Precision Cooling systems require less horsepower per ton than comfort cooling systems. This lowers the electricity cost to cool IT environments. The compressor and fans also run more efficiently with a higher SHR level than comfort systems. This also reduces energy costs which save money for even small data centers. HVAC Precision Cooling systems are proven to cool IT environments more efficiently and reliably than Comfort Cooling systems.

Critical Infrastructure Group will customize a solution to maximize the performance of your IT infrastructure environment.


Not quite sure which HVAC system is right for you? Contact us and we will help you find the right solution for your budget.


Need other systems to protect your business’ continuity? Check out CI Group’s full product offering.


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