Data Center Decommissioning

Comprehensive data facility decommissioning by the experts at CI Group

Critical Infrastructure Group (CI Group) specializes in turnkey infrastructure projects, including data center decommissioning and equipment recycling. We manage every aspect of your building decommissioning. We’re able to remove equipment from your data center and return the space to exactly as you specify in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The decision to recycle or decommission critical data center equipment is an important one. At CI Group, we provide a feasibility study where we review a value analysis, recovered value, and disposal costs. This will enable you to make the best decision for your needs.

One of the biggest challenges of any data center decommissioning project is coordination. At CI Group, we handle all aspects of decommissioning from managing multiple contractors and the various vendors involved, to restoring the space back to normal when the project is complete.

Dismantling old IT systems can be complicated and painful. By utilizing the full service offered by our data center decommissioning team, you can rest easy that your data will remain secure.

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data center decommissioning

We Take The Security Of Your Proprietary Data Seriously

Our team of specialists follows strict data center decommissioning standards and procedures to ensure data is protected and/or destroyed depending on the project. The security of your data is our priority as we handle sensitive hardware. With best practices in place, our data center decommissioning service touts a strong record of data privacy and security. You can rest easy with CI Group leading the way.

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Our Data Center Decommissioning Services Include:

  • Generator and UPS Purchase, Shut Down and Removal
  • UPS Battery Removal and Recycling
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal (including Freon, Glycol and Diesel disposal)
  • Electrical Switchgear, Panelboard and Breaker Safe-Off, Disconnection and Removal
  • Removal of Raised Flooring
  • Removal of CRAC Units, PDUs, Network and Fiber Cable, and Server Racks
  • Equipment Appraisal and Reselling
  • Demo of Walls and Ceiling
  • Facility Cleanup

Whether you have a large or small data center, we will customize a plan to protect your data while maintaining high standards of safety and security. Our team of professionals will work quickly and efficiently to decommission and clean up so that you can get back to business as usual. 

Call CI Group at +1 (877) 885-9208 to find out how you can make your next Data Center Decommissioning project a success.

350kW Generator Being decomd

CI Group offers several hassle-free services including Asset Recovery, Power Maintenance Service, and UPS Advanced Replacement.  Go to our service center to learn more about them.

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