Mitsubishi 9900A 225 kVA 480V-480V UPS System

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Mitsubishi Electric raises the bar with the introduction of the 9900A Series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Its patented inverter design produces the highest efficiency in the industry to go along with the quality and reliability that users are accustomed to when specifying Mitsubishi. Let’s explore the benefits that you can expect.



The 9900A Series UPS, with a very flat efficiency curve, delivers efficiency rates up to 97% above 50% loads and 95.6% at 25% load. Even at 10%, load efficiency ratings greater than 90% are seen. This system efficiency substantially reduces operating and cooling costs. The result, reduced cost of ownership and improved power usage effectiveness (PUE) compared to conventional UPS.



No organization in the UPS industry offers the in-depth experience and unparalleled quality as Mitsubishi Electric. Precision engineering and years of experience pioneering cutting edge inverter and converter design gives the users the best performing, most reliable UPS in market.

Because each module features its own static bypass and control circuitry, the 9900A UPS can be utilized in single module (SMS) or multi- module (MMS) configurations. This allows for a highly reliable and flexible system approach. If loads on a MMS decrease, a module or modules can be removed and used elsewhere in a single module application. Likewise, an existing SMS can be paralleled for capacity or redundancy at a later date.



The small footprint and lightweight design of the 9900A Series takes up less room and saves on precious data center floor space. This system not only saves on floor space, it offers the extraordinary option of adding or removing modules with minimal cost. As a result, system availability is enhanced.



The 9900A Series UPS provides for a variety of communication methods with features that make the product inherently easy to use and maintain.



Mitsubishi pioneered the use of the IGBT in the inverter and converter sections of the UPS. Many UPS systems on the market today have followed suit. It is not enough to merely provide IGBT technology. How the IGBT is controlled is the key.

Mitsubishi has incorporated its Digital Signal Processor and Direct Digital Control (DDC) to gain the full benefits of the most advanced generation IGBT that is utilized in the 9900A Series UPS. The combination means superior performance characteristics under all load conditions.



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Model #

9900A- 80 KVA

Rating (kVA)

225 KVA

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60 Hz


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