Eaton Cutler Hammer 225A Automatic Transfer Switch, 2009

Manufacturer Eaton
Equipment Type Automatic Transfer Switch
Model Family ATC-600
Model # 5BIHIKDA40225XSU
Rating 225 Amps
Voltage 277/480V
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz
Condition Used
Serial Nº23B989000

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The IQ Transfer (ATC-600) is a programmable microprocessor-based
monitoring device designed for use in Cutler-Hammer Open Transition Transfer Switches (ATVI, BIVI, ATHI, BIHI)
where rapid, reliable restoration of power in outage situations is essential.

IQ Transfer (ATC-600) features proprietary Cutler-Hammer designed SURE Chip microprocessor technology to
provide superior precision and versatility in operation, programming and data access. In addition, the
IQ Transfer’s user-friendly front-panel interface simplifies routine operation, programming, data presentation, and adjustment of settings.

This unique combination of features makes IQ Transfer (ATC-600) the most complete and technologically advanced ATS logic package available today.

Switch Application Section
Cutler-Hammer Open Transition IQ Transfer (ATC-600) Features:
The IQ Transfer (ATC-600) is a doormounted, totally enclosed device that is customer-accessible from the front panel.

Data access and programming operations are performed using the IQ Transfer’s touch-sensitive function buttons in conjunction with an easy to-read, illuminated, alphanumeric LED display. Both the function buttons and the display window are part of the device’s front panel. A built-in Help button provides user assistance in the form of message displays.

The IQ Transfer (ATC-600) is communications ready and compatible with all Cutler-Hammer IQ devices as well as the Cutler-Hammer PowerNet system-wide supervisory and control software. This permits monitoring and control of several transfer switches, locally or remotely, from a single point.

IQ Transfer is suitable for either new or existing Cutler-Hammer ATS applications.

Additional Features:
■ Applicable for use on any low or medium voltage application through 38 kV, 50 or 60 Hz.
■ True rms three-phase voltage sensing on Normal, Emergency and Load.
■ Frequency sensing on Normal and Emergency.
■ Programmable set points stored in non-volatile memory.
■ PowerNet Communication to personal computer either on-site or remote.
■ Historical data on most recent transfers (up to 16 events) viewable at switch. Unlimited history storage (remote) available when used with PowerNet software.
■ Wide range of user-selectable option combinations.
■ Load sequencing.
■ Engine start contacts.
■ Engine Test Switch with userselectable Test Mode and Fail-Safe.
■ Alarm contact (multiple alarm functions available).
■ Pre-transfer signal
■ Heartbeat Monitor (flashing green Automatic light signifies that the IQ Transfer is operating properly).
■ Instrumentation
– Voltmeter (Accuracy ± 1%)
– Reads line-to-line on Sources 1 and 2 and Load
– Frequency Meter (40-80 Hz, accuracy ± .1 Hz)
– Source Available Time (both sources)
– Source Connected Time (both sources)
– Source Run Time


Rating225 Amps
Phase3 ph
Frequency60 Hz
Enclosure NEMA1

BI = Bypass Isolation
I = ATC-600
4 = 4-Poles
X = 480 V 60 Hz
S = NEMA 1
U= UL 1008 Listed

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