Eaton 93PM-400-4 Uninterruptible Power System – 200 kW-480V-3W

Application Indoor
Manufacturer Eaton
Equipment Type UPS System
Model Family 93PM
Model # Eaton 93PM-400-4
Rating 200 kW
Input voltage 480VAC-3W+GV
Output voltage 480VAC-3W+GV
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Additional Components

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Eaton Powerware 93PM- 400 Model 200

93 PM- 400 Capacity Frame – Includes (4) 50 kW Power Modules – 2 Right Side / 2 Left Side

Rated: 200 kW

Voltage: 480V – 3W

CTO: 9P220D0009A00R2

Configuration: Single Feed, No ESS, No VMMS, Top Air Exhaust

Includes PXGMS Card, Industrial Relay Card and EMP

Date of Mfg: 2018

Condition: Excellent / Tested

Dimensions: 63.9” W x 42” D x 74” H

Weight : 2066 lbs

Rating200 kW
Input Voltage 480VAC-3W+GV
Output Voltage 480VAC-3W+GV
Phase3 ph
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power Factor 1 pf
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