UPS Advance Replacement

One of the challengers is managing multiple sites with small UPS Systems – typically there is no one on site to address when there is a problem – to this end we have developed a program to make replacing and servicing a snap

First, we can monitor your sites for you, ensuring that when there’s a problem the proper people are notified and a solution is on its way.

Ci Group offers an advance replacement service that provides customer replacement units for emergency situations where equipment is not operable, and spares are not available. With this service, the replacement unit will be shipped in the fastest manner consistent with the urgency of the situation and availability of the unit.

The replacement units is installed and the old defective unit is placed in the box the replacement unit came it for return to our depot where we will test and repair when possible and placing in your “inventory” for future use.

service ups advance replacement

Advance Unit Replacement Program Benefits

  • Minimize downtime—a base unit replacement is shipped for next-day arrival
  • Easy to use—submit a claim online to initiate next-day replacement process
  • Easy sign-up—enroll at time of purchase or apply to existing warranty of deployed units
  • No hassle—no questions asked and all US shipping costs are covered
  • No minimum purchase requirement—for products included in this program.

Call CI Group at 877-855-9208 to find out how we can your UPS Management easy and cost-effective

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