Liebert NXL – 1100 kVA – 2016

Manufacturer Liebert
Equipment Type UPS
Model Family NXL
Model # 40SN11MAAA1A91A
Rating 1100 kVA / 1100 kW
Input voltage 480V
Output voltage 480V
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz
Condition Used
Serial NºD16M280002

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    Liebert NXL UPS is the right choice for critical, high power applications:
    Listed and labeled to UL1778 fourth edition. The fourth edition is more harmonized with internationalized standards and requires testing for both safety and performance resulting in a more reliable UPS.
    Fuse-less bypass design allows fault coordination of distribution system.
    Handles a wide window of input voltage and frequency, including power from backup generators.
    Battery ground fault isolation results in normal system operation even under battery ground fault conditions – the system does not go to bypass. An alarm will direct the user to take corrective action, but operation is maintained.

    Higher Availability:

    • Unity power factor load performance capacity @ full kVA rating.
    • 480/575/600VAC input and output options.
    • 100% rated continuous duty bypass static switch – unfused.
    • Superior handling of present and future leading power factor computer loads.
    • Short Circuit Withstand Rating (SCWR) withstand capability: 480V – 100kA, 125kA; 600V – 65kA, 100kA
    • Color touch screen display improves user interface and reduces risk of human error.
    • Built-in galvanic isolation provides proper grounding without requiring a neutral.


    Liebert NXL UPS Stack-Up Performance

    • Robust design allows operation at 100% load under a “stack-up” of conditions that would require other systems to de-rate their output or compromise system availability.
    • Simultaneous conditions such as clogged air filters, high ambient temperature, high altitude, fan failure, and low or high line conditions have been mitigated to ensure full rating at 100% operating loads.
    • High inverter overload rating allows the UPS to stay on inverter delivering full regulated power, even in overload situations.
    • Continuous duty rated Bypass Static Switch ensures maximum fault clearing capability in case of extreme overload or downstream short-circuits.

    Best Suited For:

    • Banking, Financial and Insurance
    • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
    • Education
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Retail and Wholesale


    Rating1100 kVA / 1100 kW
    Input Voltage 480V
    Output Voltage 480V
    Phase3 ph
    Frequency60 Hz
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