HiPower 605kW HRVW-680 T4F Mobile Rental Style Diesel Generator Set – NEW

Manufacturer HiPower
Equipment Type Generator Set
Model Family HRVW-680
Model # HRVW-680 T4F
Tier Rating 4Final
Rating 605 kW Standby
Voltage Multi VoltageV
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz

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    HIPOWER® rental generators are an efficient, reliable and versatile source of mobile
    electrical power. Designed to operate in the most extreme working conditions. All
    HIPOWER® Rental Generators combine an innovative design and the use of high
    quality materials that provide the user with the most dependable power that you can
    rely on for non-stop power with easy to operate controls.
    Powered by a radiator-cooled, industrial VOLVO PENTA Diesel engine, which meets
    current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) TIER 4 Final non-road exhaust
    emission regulations, driving a single bearing, four-pole, three-phase alternator, with
    IP23 protection. The Prime Power kVA rating for generator set is given with a 105
    o C alternator winding temperature rise.

    HIPOWER® Features and Benefits
    VOLVO PENTA Diesel Engine: Long-life, heavy-duty, 4-cycle, direct injection engine
    for economy of operation and maximum reliability and durability. Capable of full rated
    load acceptance in one step.


    Fuel TypeDiesel
    Tier Rating 4Final
    Rating605 kW Standby
    VoltageMulti VoltageV
    Phase3 ph
    Frequency60 Hz
    Breaker 2000 Amp MLCB
    Enclosure Sound Attenuated
    Fuel Tank 600 Gallons
    Control Panel COMAP IntelliGen NT Control Panel
    Dimensions 92""W x 315""D x 140""H
    Weight 27700 lbs

    Accesories : Block Heater, Battery Charger

    Cooling: Radiator with belt driven pusher fan.
    Air Filter: Heavy-duty replaceable element air-cleaner.
    Alternator: Single bearing, rotating field, self-excited, self-ventilated, 12-wire reconnectable, 60Hz brushless alternator with permanent magnetic generator (PMG),
    with Class F insulation. Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) providing close voltage
    regulation and skVA starting capability for electric motor loads

    Fuel Tank: Environmentally friendly steel base welded sub-base fuel tank with
    internal filling system and 110% containment capability for any diesel fuel, coolant or
    engine oil spills. Easy access for maintenance activities.

    Enclosure: Fully sound attenuated enclosure, fabricated in 11-gauge steel, powder
    coated with finish that exceeds 1400-hr salt spray test, curved edges, minimum
    outside fasteners and single point lift. Ample layer of durable Rockwool sound
    insulating material placed all around the inside of the container, doors and ducting
    with metal retaining frames. It can be cleaned with high-pressure water and is
    oil and fire resistant. Vertical air discharge for quiet operation. Wide steel lockable
    access doors with rubber seals, easy access for maintenance and service activities,
    lift off stainless steel hinges, corrosion resistant hardware and fasteners.
    Fuel Filtration: Standard and secondary water separator with visible level on fuel

    Voltage Change Over Board: Two-position, manual change over board. 120/208
    and 277/480V 3-phase.

    Controls: Digital control panel with manual and automatic start and stop features.
    Many programmable automatic functions for local and remote controls with LED
    lights, tamper proof engine hour recorder. Load Connections: Covered distribution
    panel for easy access to cable power outlets, receptacles, lugs and Camloks.


    Manufacturer VOLVO PENTA
    Model TWD 1673 GE
    EPA certified Tier 4 FINAL
    Crankshaft speed 1,800 rpm
    Type Diesel, 4-stroke
    Injection Direct
    Aspiration Turbocharged
    Number of Cylinders 6
    Cylinder arrangement In-line
    Displacement CID (liters) 983.9 (16.12)
    Bore and Stroke ins (mm) 5.67 x 6.5 (144 x 165)
    Nominal power 809 HP
    Cooling Liquid
    Governor Electronic
    Governor Regulation Class ISO 8528 Part 1 Class G3
    Frequency Regulation Isochronous
    Starting motor & alternator 12 volt
    Compression ratio 16.8:1
    Air cleaner type Heavy duty – single cartridge
    Exhaust gas flow cu. ft./minute (cu.m. /minute) 4471 (126.6)
    Max. Exhaust temp at full load degrees o F (o C) 851 (455)
    Max. permissible back pressure – ins H2O (kPA ) 76 (19)
    Engine cooling air flow – cu. ft./min (cu. m/min) 30,207 (912)
    Alternator cooling flow – cu. ft./min (cu. m/min) 220 (72)
    Total cooling air flow (engine + alternator + combustion) – cu. ft./min (cu. m/min) TBD
    Total cooling capacity – US gallons (liters) 25.3 (96)
    Max. Operating Temperature o F (o C) 113 (45)
    Oil pan capacity – US gallons (liters) 11.1 (42)
    Oil pan capacity with filter – US gallons (liters) 12.7 (48)
    Oil cooler Liquid
    Recommended lubricating oil grade SAE 10W-40 conventional DH4 (refer to owners manual)
    Oil consumption at full load < 0.1% of fuel consumption
    Oil pressure – psi (kPA) 58 (399)
    Starting motor voltage 24 volt
    Cold Cranking Amps – minimum 300 Amp X 2
    Battery charging Alternantor N/A
    Battery capacity 225 Amps X 2


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