Eaton Network and Modbus Card

Manufacturer Eaton
Equipment Type Network Card
Model # MODBUS-MS P/N: 744-98065-00P
Compatible with: Eaton 93PM UPS 100-60kW 480v
Eaton 93PM UPS 100-80kW 480v
Eaton 93PM UPS 150-100kW 480v
Eaton 93PM UPS 150-120kW 480v
Eaton 93PM UPS 150-140kW 480v

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    The Eaton Network and Modbus Card-Mini Slot combines the features of an SNMP agent, HTTP/web server and a Modbus card to facilitate remote monitoring of your UPS system through any Building Management System. Enjoy the freedom to customize and schedule actions, like shutdown protocols and load shedding, and receive immediate notifications during power events, without having to be onsite

    TypeModbus, Facility, Web/SNMP
    CompatibilityEX, 5P, 5PX, 5SC, 5130, 9PX, 9E, 9130, 93PS, 93PM, 9PHD, 93E
    VPM, VCOM, IPP, IPM, Foreseer

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