Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) for UPS

Manufacturer Eaton
Equipment Type Network Card
Model # 116750224-001 42R4317
Compatible with: Eaton 9390IT UPS 40kVA
Eaton 9390 UPS 20kVA 208v
Eaton 9390 UPS 30kVA 208v
Eaton 9390 UPS 40kVA 208v
Eaton 9390 UPS 50kVA 208v

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    The optional environmental monitoring probe (EMP) is a connectivity device that enables you to collect temperature and humidity readings in rack enclosures and monitor the environmental data remotely using a Telnet connection or a standard web browser. You can also collect and retrieve the status of two contact devices.

    TypeEnvironmental Monitoring Device
    CompatibilityThe 10/100Mb Network-MS, PXGUPS, PXGPDP, and PXGMS.
    The 10/100Mb ConnectUPS-X, ConnectUPS-BD and ConnectUPS-E with FW V3.01 and higher
    Dimensions 1.48"W x 2.25"D x 1.15"H
    Weight 1.19 oz

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