Eaton BestLink Web/SNMP Adapter

Manufacturer Eaton
Equipment Type Device
Model # 116750225-001

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    Eaton BestLink Web/SNMP Adapters are network adapters for FERRUPS and legacy Best Power UPS systems that provide SNMP, HTTP, SMTP, WAP and Telnet compatibility and advanced RS232 communications. These adapters allow easy monitoring, management and if necessary, safe shut down or re-boot of UPS-protected servers, routers, hubs and other key inter-networking devices in a controlled manner. BestLink Adapters are a self-contained link between the UPS and Ethernet LAN/WAN, allowing your UPS to be remotely monitored and controlled from the next room, building, state or even another country, with no additional overhead on any server

    CompatibilitySNMP, HTTP, SMTP, WAP and Telnet compatible
    9130, 9170
    Foreseer, Intelligent Power Manager (IPM), Intelligent Power Protector (IPP)

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