CI Group Critical Infrastructure Solutions is distributors and resellers of both used and new Liebert EXM UPS products. This includes big heavy batteries, generators and other equipment. Liebert is a global manufacturer of server racks, precision cooling systems, infrastructure management systems for mainframe computers and power systems.

liebert exm installed
liebert exm installed

Description of Products

The Liebert EXM UPS, 10-250kVA delivers economical operation with a flexible power system. It’s scalable and is designed to meet the demands of midsize power applications. Its touchscreen is user friendly and intuitive. And its matching ancillary cabinets meet the tough requirements. Other features of the Liebert EXM include increasing system capacity, ENERGY STAR qualified, intergrated Alber batter monitoring and TAA compliance. The Liebert EXM models are available with lithium-ion batteries. With these batteries, you can expect longer life expectancy, reduced cooling costs, battery monitoring and more power in less space.

Liebert EXM

The Emerson Liebert UPS power systems are also efficient and reliable. They feature high frequency switching technology that provides a lot of amps. The Emerson NetSure 7200 offers a wide operating range is high reliability. The Emerson NetSure 7100 provides up to 4000 amps of current and had a modular distribution cabinet.

Why Businesses Need Backup Power

Power interruptions can often start without warning and last for hours. For food companies, stock can be destroyed. For hospitals, it’s a matter of life or death. It’s important for all businesses to have power backup that can keep operations running. Having a good backup solution with Liebert EXM or Emerson Liebert UPS is a smart move.

An extended power failure can put a company at risk for looting and break-ins. With a backup system, companies can secure security systems and lighting right away. For those companies with perishable stock, backup generators can mean the difference between profit or loss. Plus, a company that stays open during a blackout builds a reputation for security. And if the computers go down, the threat of hacking greatly increases. Cybersecurity threats from hacking and terrorism are increasing. A reliable backup solution will make sure that you can eliminate this type of risk if power fails.

The first step to finding the right infrastructure solution is to turn to CI Critical Infrastructure Solutions. They will let you know the best solution for your needs. Check out CI Critical Infrastructure today. They have been assisting businesses for years and have an excellent reputation in the industry. You’ll find they have both new and used power system products.


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