Uninterruptible Power Supply is a distributor and reseller of big heavy duty batteries and generators. They also buy generators for resale. This company focuses on the Eaton brand. Eaton is well known for the efficiency, safety and durability of its products.


Eaton 93pm


The Eaton 93pm is an ideal critical power backup solution. From educational institutions and hospitals to large data centers, this is one of the Eaton UPS systems that comes with a full suite of accessories. It meets any critical power backup needs. Use with lithium-ion batteries for energy savings. It offers flexible configurability and installation is easy. Plus, it’s TAA compliant.

Eaton 9355

The Eaton 9355 is perfect for industrial, healthcare, corporate and banking applications. It has a double-conversion backup power and battery runtimes that are long. This is one of Eaton’s powerware UPS systems that is a complete three-phase protection solution. In addition, it can be equipped with a customizable distribution model that has a bypass switch.

eaton 9355 ups

Eaton 9395 Marine

power xpert new touchscreen 9395 right view

This model features double-conversion online technology with three-phase input and output. Its ABM technology extends the battery life. Power ratings are high and it has a patented Hot Sync parallel up to four systems.

The Eaton 9130

This model packs into only 2u of rack space. It offers storage systems, scalable battery runtime and excellent online power quality. It has ABM technology, reduces energy costs and is ergonomically designed. Its benefits include:

  • Remote monitoring
  • A high efficiency mode
  • Internal batteries for rack space
  • ABM battery charging technology
  • Intuitive LCD user interface
  • High wattage

Eaton 9390

Critical Infrastructure Group - Eaton 9390

The Eaton 9390 is a double-conversion uninterruptible power system. Whether it’s for a data center, medical facility or branch office, it delivers excellent performance. Its features and benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Low installation costs
  • Low output for clean power
  • Accessories like integrated distribution cabinets
  • Easy access
  • Safe operation

The Eaton 9390 has helped companies save thousands in energy costs. Its energy saver system is now available, and it has advanced power core technology. This model is not just a utility bypass.

There are a number of electricity problems that can occur, including power surge, total power failure, brownouts. Power failures can last from hours to weeks. Eaton powerware UPS is a high quality product for the best power protection. Plus, they offer uninterruptible power backup systems for IT industries. Depending on your needs, Eaton has the right solution for power protection. They have products that provide power management and suppress power surges. Plus, they offer solution for network systems and servers. Whether for the home or business, Eaton powerware UPS products offer great solutions. Eaton has long been one of top names in power protection in the industry. It’s a trusted brand in power protection systems. With Eaton, you don’t have to worry about storage loss, data loss, keyboard lockup, data error of corruption.

The Many Benefits of a Good Power Backup System

For both commercial application and residential applications, having a good power back up system is important. If you’re in business, shutting down due to no electricity will likely result in a loss of revenue. For healthcare facilities, no electricity puts patients at risk. Business with food storage can have all the food go bad. There may even be cybersecurity risks if the business computers go down. No business wants to risk identity thieves getting at customer personal information, and no business wants their patents stolen. The risks go on and on. For residences, there may be no heat or air-conditioning, food could go bad, there’s no TV and there’s no internet. Having a good power backup system will keep life running smoothly for both businesses and private residences.

If you’re looking to keep the power running when there’s an outage, turn to Uninterrupted Power Supply. They have top brand generators like Eaton to keep the lights on. Check out Uninterrupted Power Supply today.

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