Mitsubishi 9700 Series 100 kVA UPS System Rental – 208V

Application Indoor
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Equipment Type UPS
Model Family 9700 Series
Model # 9700 Series 100 kVA
Rating 100 kVA
Input voltage 208V
Output voltage 208V
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz
RuntimeMultiple Battery Options please call
Additional Options Available
  • Extended Battery Runtimes
  • External Maintenance Bypass
  • Communications Cards

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    Mitsubishi Electric a Leader in UPS System Manufacturing for over 3 decades

     Ig BT – Transistors with Excellent Performance Characteristics

    Mitsubishi Electric is the leading manufacturer of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs),

    and now utilizes IGBTs in the converters and inverters of its9700 Series UPS systems. These

    advanced, high-performance transistors provide a variety of intelligent features.

    • High Ampacity Transistors (600A)
    • High Speed Switching
    • Low Control Power

    Low Input Current Harmonics (THD)

    • 3% maximum (100% load)
    • 4% maximum (75% load)
    • 5% maximum (50% load)

    (No additional filtering required)

    Input Power Factor

    • 0.99 typical (0~100%)
    • 1:1 Ratio (No oversizing of generator)

    Benefit of Lower Input Current

    • Smaller upstream components

    (Transformers, Circuit Breakers and cable sizing)

    Low Heat Loss / High Efficiency

    Use of IGBTs transistor enables efficient high-speed switching (6kHz), thus reducing heat

    dissipation in the UPS. (Higher efficiency means lower cost per kilowatt and lower cost of ownership.)

    Mitsubishi 9700 Series Features

    Extended Battery Life -(0-100% Load Step)

    • Supplemental current from the batteries is no longer required with the installation of IGBTs transistor in both the converter and inverter. Other UPS systems require assistance from the battery during step load conditions. The additional battery cycling results in decreased battery life.

    Isolated Redundant System Capability

    • The 9700 Series is designed for isolated redundant applications.
    • Lower cost to consumer, small footprint, less components.
    • Different kVA sizes and different series can be used for greater flexibility of the overall system.

    Operator-Friendly Control Panel Features:

    • Mimic bus diagram
    • Operator’s control station
    • Touch panel input

    LCD monitor displays:

    • System metering
    • Menu-driven start-up procedures
    • Menu-driven operation procedures
    • History of events
    • Trend graph

    Additional features:

    • Password locked for start / stop operation
    • Sealed EPO button

    Realtime Battery Monitoring

    • Remaining time in battery charge displayed for operator
    • Software algorithms continuously calculate and update actual remaining time in battery charge.

    Superior Functions

    • Automatic restart
    • Automatic retransfer
    • Converter walk-in function
    • Battery monitoring
    • Ripple-free DC output (rectifier)
    • 1-set “Form A” dry contacts of selectable items
    • Large overload / overcurrent capacity
    • Battery temperature compensation
    • Adjustable DC cut-off

    Quiet Operation

    • 100kVA→ 63dB (A scale, 1m)
    • 150 – 225kVA→ 65dB

    (A scale, 1m)


    • Netcom2 SNMP
    • 95% of all operating systems are compatible with Netcom2
    • RS-232C parallel interface
    • Multiple server shutdown software (V. 1.50)
    • Paging, E-mail capability during power events
    • Ethernet LAN connection interface (optional)
    • SNMP Interface
    Rating100 kVA
    Input Voltage 208V
    Output Voltage 208V
    Phase3 ph
    Frequency60 Hz
    RuntimeMultiple Battery Options please call
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