Liebert eXM 80kVA 208V Rental UPS

Application Indoor
Manufacturer Liebert
Equipment Type Uninterruptible Power System
Model Family EXM
Rating 80 kVA
Input voltage 208V
Output voltage 120/208V
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz
Additional Options Available
  • Extended Battery Runtimes
  • External Maintenance Bypass
  • Communications Cards

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The Liebert eXM is a great midsized UPS option – designed for efficient power protection with a smaller footprint. It’s on-line double conversion design delivers reliable power and the highest levels of time, while also allowing for easy scalibility to fit your future needs.

Design Features:

  • Unity Power Factor
  • Up to 99% Efficient
  • Optimized Ancillaries provide Flexible Deployment
  • Transformer-free design saves space, capital, weight and shipping costs
  • UL 924 Listen
  • Next Generation Scalable Functionality
  • Next Generation Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Easy access to key components
  • Redundant communication paths ensures reliable control
  • 480V Models Qualified for Use with Lithium-ion Batteries and Flywheels


The Liebert EXM UPS is ideal for:
-Small to midsize IT applications
-Edge of the network operations
-Midsize/regional colocation facilities
-Testing, medical and telecom systems
-Emergency lighting


Rating80 kVA
Input Voltage 208V
Output Voltage 120/208V
Phase3 ph
Frequency60 Hz
Power Factor Unity pf
Dimensions 31.5"W x 39.4"D x 78.7"H
Weight 1988 lbs
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