Liebert CR020 Water Cooled Row Based CRV

Manufacturer Liebert
Equipment Type HVAC
Model Family CR020
Model # CR020RA1A7M469
Rating 5 Ton
Input voltage 460V
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz
Condition Used
Serial NºY15DBM0029

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    The Liebert CRV installs within a row of data center racks—close to the server heat source—for the most efficient cooling of critical IT equipment.

    The rack-sized Liebert CRV provides high capacity cooling in a small footprint and features the Liebert iCOM™ Control System that modulates unit performance in real-time, based on conditions in the row. Monitoring up to 10 racks with 20 sensors, the Liebert CRV precisely controls air temperature, humidity and filtration in the surrounding racks.

    Through the use of advanced control algorithms, the Liebert iCOM control system is able to leverage the energy efficiency of the EC plug fans and digital scroll compressor to provide greater energy savings at the system level than other row-based units.


    Rating5 Ton
    Input Voltage 460V
    Phase3 ph
    Frequency60 Hz
    Airflow Downflow
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