Liebert APM 15kVA 208V Rental UPS

Manufacturer Liebert
Equipment Type Uninterruptible Power System
Model Family Liebert APM
Rating 15 kVA
Input voltage 208V
Output voltage 208V
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz
Additional Options Available
  • Extended Battery Runtimes
  • External Maintenance Bypass
  • Communications Cards

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Liebert® APM™ UPS offers excellent efficiency, up to 94% in double conversion and up to 98% in Active Eco-mode. More importantly, with its optimized modular design, high efficiency levels can be obtained with the initial system, instead of purchasing larger capacity systems to anticipate future requirements.

The row-based Liebert APM is ideally suited for:
-Small to medium-size data centers
-Server rooms
-Production areas
-Labs and testing facilities
-Process control centers
-Edge of the network locations


Rating15 kVA
Input Voltage 208V
Output Voltage 208V
Phase3 ph
Frequency60 Hz
Power Factor 0.99 pf
Weight 2000 lbs
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