Liebert -15 Ton -Upflow -208V

Manufacturer Liebert
Equipment Type HVAC
Model Family VS
Model # VS053KDC0EI828S
Rating 15 Ton
Input voltage 208V
Phase 3 ph
Frequency 60 Hz
Condition Used
Serial NºVS053KDC0EI828S

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    The Liebert DS is designed with the highest quality components selected for their proven reliability and
    Microprocessor technology adds automatic sequencing of components to even wear and extend service life.
    An alarm system and self-diagnostics provide rapid troubleshooting and can prevent a problem before it
    affects the electronic equipment room environment.
    Air delivery system designed for optimized air distribution and long service life.
    Corrosion resistant frame and cabinet.
    Available in both downflow and upflow configurations to cover a wide range of room applications.
    Choice of compressors to match performance and energy efficiency requirements.
    Front access provides easy serviceability and saves valuable floor space.
    Modular frame construction allows even more flexibility in meeting specific needs for installation—frame can be field-separated into three sections.
    Built-in humidity control and reheat function.
    Liebert iCOM control system brings high-level supervision to multiple units allowing them to work together as a single system to optimize room performance.
    R-407C environmentally friendly refrigerant.
    Low Total Cost Of Ownership:
    Energy efficiency options and configurations can save money and even pay back part of your investment over
    the life of the product.
    Built for serviceability, with many components—such as the Paradenser™ cleanable condenser—designed to be maintained rather than replaced.
    Specifically designed for the demanding requirements of year-round operation, the Liebert DS is actually
    less expensive to operate over its life cycle compared to both comfort cooling equipment and competitive
    precision air conditioning products.


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