Eaton X-Slot Modbus RTU Card

Manufacturer Eaton
Equipment Type Network Card
Model # 103005425-5591
Compatible with: Eaton 9390IT UPS 40kVA
Eaton 9390 UPS 20kVA 208v
Eaton 9390 UPS 30kVA 208v
Eaton 9390 UPS 40kVA 208v
Eaton 9390 UPS 50kVA 208v

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    Integrate data from your UPS system into an existing Industrial Automation or Building Management System using an Eaton X-Slot Modbus RTU Card. Enable real-time remote monitoring of key UPS status information with this connectivity device, featuring a built in X-slot and an RS-485 network connection.

    TypeModbus, Faciility
    CompatibilityBladeUPS, 9315, 9355, 9390, 9390IT, 9395, 9395P, 9155
    Foreseer, VPM, VCOM

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