Eaton Power Xpert Gateway PDP X-Slot Card

Manufacturer Eaton
Equipment Type Network Card
Compatible with: Eaton 9395-825 Model 825 UPS System Rental – 480V-

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    The Power Xpert Gateway PDP X-Slot Card allows you to keep an eye on your power distribution equipment, possibly avoiding costly events. Data can be accessed through standard on-board web pages, Power Xpert Software, or third-party software. In addition to viewing panel, sub-feed breaker, and branch circuit breaker names and settings, you can edit these parameters. This includes the panel or breaker names, breaker ratings, breaker alarm and warning set points, and percentages.

    TypeNetwork, Facility
    CompatibilitySNMP, HTTP, SMTP, WAP and Telnet compatible
    Foreseer, Intelligent Power Manager (IPM), Intelligent Power Protector (IPP)

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